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Thank you

- Olimpia Harrison

Thanks for the quick response, I wish I could have participated......

- Zakiyyah

You were very helpful both times. If I could or was able to download on my little pc I would more then likely continue with this program. Maybe at a later date I will contact your company again to try this program. Thank-you & sincerely, Ms. Roseann Himes

- Roseann Himes

Thanks for your prompt help

- Dorita Butler

Thank you very much Steven. Yes you WOWED me because you got back to me right away and took care of everything...ALWAYS!!!


Looking forward to working with you 🌻

- Lory

Very prompt and polite. Thank you.

- Debbie Mutchler

Steven went above and beyond what I was asking for. His time and effort is appreciated.

- Joshua Johnson

Very simple, quick response!

- Virginia. Mcmahan

Good response time to my issue. Result was more than I was asking for. Extremely happy with the customer service

- Brett Anderson



Thank you very much! You helped a lot.

- Patti Couch

Did great!

- Mary

Thank you for your prompt response! I am delighted knowing that there will also be a refund of the last 2 payments. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

- Diane Melville

Steven processed my request quickly, cheerfully, no questions asked, and even refunded my recent membership payment. VERY happy with the customer service experience!

- Kim Luker

Quick response to my request.

- Laura Mason

I appreciate the speedy attention to this matter!

- Amie Ham

Alex was extremely helpful & understanding. She explained everything very well & went out of her way to be kind & answer all my questions. This person deserves a promotion (or at least a raise in pay)! Thanks very much!

- Rachelle Malek

You made it easy

- Suni


- Anatole

Very happy with help

- Janet Karris

Very polite and competent.

- Peni

Alex did an excellent job taking care of my request. She solved my issue you in a quick manner. Thank you.

- Thomas Young

Thanks for your prompt answer. I guess I did not read the small lines when I downloaded the recipe book. Anyway, thanks for the cancellation and the refund. Greatly appreciated. Best regards, Muriel

- Muriel Brechard

You sure did WOW me!!!That was much quicker and easier than expected. Thank you!!

- Gwyn Lesnick

You were professional, friendly, kind, efficient and organized!! Thanks for working that out on my behalf! Sure do appreciate it! Have a great day! Stay safe and Be well! Mare

- Marianne Y Benioff

She handled my request exactly right.

- Pamela Hawks

Hi Steve, I have a family situation going on and I want to thank you for being very courteous, speedy and helpful in resolving this for me. Customer Service A++ p.s. please do not publish my email address

- Connie

Quick, courteous and excellent response!

- Janet Martin

Thanks so much for the speedy answer

- Lynn

I was very pleased to receive a detailed, friendly note from Steve concerning my request for a return and reimbursement--and immediately the next morning after my email! Thank you very much and have a great day. :)

- Sandra King

Very easy to transact with. Great customer service. More power!

- Gus

Thanks for the prompt response and taking care of my issue.

- Jennifer

My request was answered in a short time. Thank you

- Ina Smith

I was upset because of the cost of 47 dollars that I knew nothing of and I was not friendly, sorry! But I got a very nice answer, in a short time!! Thank you so much for listening to me!

- Katarina

In just one response, he let me know that my request was being taken care of, but also let me know what my status was now with regard to use of the Fitera Community Site. He also let me know what my purchase status was with Fitera and topped it off with a very friendly wish for my day. Impressed!

- Elisa Gonzalez

I received not only a coherent response, but also complete resolution of my issue - 11 minutes after I sent an email requesting help. At night (9pm). I was expecting to have to wait a full business day at least and then probably have to call. This just makes me want to recommend Fitera to my friends. I REALLY appreciate the customer service!

- Megan Sims

Thank you for such prompt attention to my unhappiness. That makes me feel a little better that you care about your customers. This may not have worked for me but you showing you care about the customer does show me you care and leaves a positive feeling about the company.

- Jaime Witherington

Fast response and so sweet, professional and very helpful !!!! I am already in love with this company :-) can not wait to talk to my husband about us BOTH getting on this program thank you guys so much for your kindness and speedy response. :-)

- Rachel Daniel

Very Professional and prompt. Thanks for making the return process so easy.

- Deborah Herrell

Alex, Thanks so much for the help! The emails were all going to SPAM. I didn't think to check because some of them were NOT going to SPAM. Ok I'm very excited about getting going. Thanks again.

- Ann P Harch

I have never had such an easy time when dealing with a customer service. Thanks for making my day!

- Janice

It was a prompt and pleasant reply.


Quick and positive response and explanation for why wires got crossed, really helped me understand the problem. I completely appreciate it. Thank you

- Sunetra Neogy

Quick and efficient very pleased with the quick responset hank you

- debbir

I saw the charge on my bank acct in the morning, I called@ 2p and got an answering machine, and in reality I figured it was a way to put me off and keep my money. But had I barely left a message and my phone rang...Alex was there and she took care of the refund and sent me a confirmation email. It was amazing! I will be back to Fitera when I get back to my home and get my life back. Thank you again Alex for such great service you are an asset to Fitera!!!

- Deb Alwine

I asked for my personal trainer to be canceled before the next billing cycle and it was taken care of right away. I appreciate that as money is tight right now and I did not feel that this is something that really made a huge difference in my efforts to get healthy. Thanks to all of you for providing us so much information at no cost!

- Susan Logue

I was taken care of quickly, efficiently and very pleasantly. The experience was terrific. .thank you!

- Sophia Eddy

There was some confusion regarding my wanting a coach which I didn't. Alex took care of the problem immediately. Thanks!

- Lori Maxey

Wow, what superb customer service! Congratulations Steven!

- Lucille

Dear Alex Luna: I cannot thank you enough for the assistance and refund. I would like to point out on the weight loss program that food portions or serving sizes are not provided. I found this to be confusing. What are the portion sizes for someone who elects to have 6 small meals per day versus someone who chooses to have only 3 meals per day. If this has been amended then please ignore my comments.

- Diane Ballard

Hi Pam, I'm reading your encouragements, It is on my mind, and will get to it next week. My house is upside down, sanding and refinishing my floor. Cleaning. I should say that my energy level and personal outlook is a lot more positive. Down to 199 lb. the weight is coming off very slowly. Have a great weekend! Eva

- Eva Cseh

Hi Steven! In today's world, customer service like yours is the exception rather than the rule! Not only did you respond immediately to my email, but what a pleasant surprise to find that this month's charge will be refunded. Although I haven't used the system at all this month, I didn't think it appropriate to request a refund, just wanted to cancel future payments. Thanks so much for "wowing" me😊

- Jeanne Hyler

Wow, thank you very much for the fast communication and attending to my query. I feel as though your support team has treated me as an A1 client. Thanks again for resolving the issue, much appreciated.

- Boni Erridge

Very rapid and concise response to my inquiry. Instilling confidence in the product and the program.

- Heidi Smith-Ash

Choosing the right time of day to eat the right starches. My problem is that the exercises are more than I can do since I have knee replacements and can't kneel on them or do the strenous jumps --they won't take it. I also tore the right rotator cuff last week so thst limits the arm movement. Perhaps I should just withdraw from this program since most of it I can not do.

- Carolyn Miller

pleasant and polite and timely

- Lee Rutledge

A quick response from Steven; he handled my request quickly!

- Cathy

Such a fast response and quick refund. So happy with your customer service!!

- Bobbie

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, I had called in and canceled it on 03/16/16.

- Trisha

Quick, timely and professional response.

- Doug Koistinen

I didn't expect such quick service. Thank you! I will definatley still look at FITera and may even resume coaching when I can get back on schedule!

- Daniella Fennell

Fast, competent, few words no questions. Thanks.

- Rita

You are always there when i need you! Thanks!

- Jen Smith

quick, professional response. Very refreshing in this day and age

- Thomas

In my mind I know the crackers, even baked, aren't good for you, but after reading this I went through my kitchen cabinets and threw out all the junk foods that have been sitting there. I also shopped and re-stocked sprouted grain breads vs. just the whole wheat or multi grain item I had in the freezer. The WOW goes for finding out just how much junk was in the cabinets, whether or not I use it! Woo Hoo, it's gone! Not only that I am back to walking 10,000 steps per day....Thank you for pushing.

- Sheryl Weitz

I like the clear, uncomplicated and to the point information provided.

- Janet Graham

You offered to pay my next month of coaching so I don't have to worry about the money. I find that very unusual for a company to do.

- Paula Gallacher

Thank You so much for the fast customer service!!!

- Margaret

No possibility of another email, thanks for taking care of this matter.

- Debbie Cox

Your swift action to take care of my concerns is why I am giving this a WOW rating!! :) Thank you once again for your support!

- Karen VanAuken

You wowed meL

- Linda Nack

Thanks for the prompt response!

- Waike

You were very helpful and inpirational!

- Terry Duncan

Since I do have cravings especially for something sweet this e-mail was very helpful. I probably will have to be sugar free or else try Stevia. Thank Pam for your tips on this subject.

- Margaret

It was very helpful and encouraging!

- Terry

Great information to keep me on track.

- Victoria Klimovich

This was extremely helpful ! I find having "food choices / lists" makes it so much easier for me than for me to have to pick from the entire grocery store.

- Wendy

Thank you for your quick and speedy response.

- Bonnie

Very helpful information.

- ann

Yes you always wow me. I am just so blown away by your appearance and how well you now look. Lovely

- Joe Lowery

Just knowing the correct foods to eat as well as potion sizes makes it all so easy. A variety reduces boredom and creates enthisiasm. I'm super excited to start!

- Wendy Rainier

I love hearing from you already. I especially loved reading your own reason for wanting to lose the weight. Even though I don't think women need to lose the weight like a man does. I surely was encouraged with your own pleasure that you received when you put your bikini on. HOT!!!!! 😙😊

- Joe Lowery

It was a very informative email Pam! It does help me a lot to get emails like this! Thank you!

- Terry

The nutrition list and calories burned doing work around the house is great! Thank you

- Barbara

I never had a coach before because they were too expensive. I never had a friend or family member to help me stay focused so I just gave up on all those other diets. I really wasn't into them anyway. I believe I am going to make this last a lifetime. The program is easy to follow and I have help and support. Thank you

- Jenise Taylor

I really thought the planning was going to be a bit harder for me because of my budget, health, and transpotation difficulties but you are making it so clear and easy. I really do get it. Thanks Pam

- Jenise Taylor

I want to thank you for being so patient with me. I'm uneasy about ordering programs on-line not knowing if they are on the up & up. You were so patient with me waiting until I got registered . You sent me the invoice that I requested with having to do many tries because they were not going through to my email, You never sounded frustrated with me but just kept cool while I did what I was needing to do. I look forward to getting started on the program. You have a tough job to deal with picky people like me. Bless you for you patience!!!

- Patricia L Michaud

ThAnk you so much for clearing this up.

- Sara

No matter what my situation is the more you talk to me the better I feel. My financial, health and transportation issues never stopped me before...and they won't now. I may have "limits" but I have the "will" and will find a way to succeed. Thanks

- Jenise Taylor

i was not expecting this level of help. I am very busy getting ready to go to 2 Lions conventions. one this week in Canada and 1 in June in Japan. I am going to become a District Governor so will not have much time in the next few weeks to set up my program I am still motivated to losing the weight and becoming healthier and will read all your emails and do what I can

- Susan Wilkes

Over All Rated 10 Out Of 10 . I was very pleased with the program. I learned a lot of good information to help with my health, but to help others too. Thank You

- Donna Turner

It was very informative and helpful!

- Terry Duncan

It was very helpful!

- Terry

I really liked this email with a lot of awesome information! I will try it!

- Terry Duncan

usually I eat about 2 meals a day and snack at night. eating smaller amounts more often is something I am going to try

- Susan Wilkes

Very helpful!

- Terry Duncan

You made me realize it's not a matter of "cheating" so much as "choices". WOW

- Tammy

Very helpful!

- Terry


- Terry

Very helpful! Thanks!

- Terry

I didn't expect such a quick response. Thank you thank you thank you

- Jenise Taylor

Some of the foods that are good for me I thought were bad.

- Elizabeth Cantrell

Coach Pam is very kind generous and understanding. She seems like she really enjoys what she does . Last but not least Pam seems to really care that you fully understand what is going to happen in this process . It exudes confidence and is a very reassuring attitude.

- Rob Brown

Very helpful! Thanks!

- Terry

So encouraging Pam! Thank you! You do motivate me! :-)

- Terry


- Terry

Pam I have spent 3 days getting my measurements, sitting and standing blood pressure ad my latest weigh in. I am trying to find out my BMI, my son-in-law said he maybe able to get me into his gym and they will do thee calipher test. Your info came at just the right time.

- Myrtice Ann Dyer

Coach Pam, You made me feel more comfortable and helped me deal with some issues I was having ! Awesome !

- Jerry (Rob) Brown

Your enthusiasm to help others is awesome! Thank you for the great attitude and valuable information you are sharing. I look forward to working with you! Your story is amazing! Thanks for being an inspiration to others!

- Carmen

Great programs and coaching. I ended up having a medical condition that prevented me from exercising as much as I wanted to. Wonderful advice. Perhaps, I will continue it again once my body becomes physically capable. Thank you, Chad and Coach Pam

- Jennifer

I decided to join the personal coaching because I want to get as much as I can to help me. I read your story and was so intrigued with your determination and you went on and success not only happened with your weight loss, but you went to work there. Now that doesn't get any better. I want the best and I think you are. My degree and career was in therapy for 30 years. I counseled those who had difficulty with criminal and anti-social behaviors. I retired from the State of Missouri in 2009.

- Deborah (Debby) Comstock

Pam thank you for the info. You're great!! You won't be bothered by me again. I apologize to you and your team

- Deborah

Your tips are helpful and I look forward to us working together to achieve my goals😍

- Heidi Anticevich

very promply granting me a refund

- melvin schlichting

I like the one on one.

- Debbie Higgins

Very helpful, I copied the list and taped it to my fridge. Regular yogurt o. k. for a late night snack? I have already made some changes, such as, a small dish of yogurt with a sliced banana and 6or7 berries for breakfast instead of cereal. Len

- Len Richter

Thank you so much for your rapid response in the cancellation of my counseling sessions with Pam. I truly appreciate it. I received my FitTerra hard sided book (for tracking everything) and it mentioned FitFreeze. Am I able to order that, or do I have some that was included in the purchases?? Thank you for your help.

- jeanne achenbach

great stuff!! love your emails!! great content

- cindy gibson

Thank you

- Julia Hall

Pam, I have been out of touch for a few days. I have not had access to a computer. I am at a friends house and asked to check my e:mail so I can respond to your latest info that came at just the right time and answered my questions as always. Thanks!!

- Myrtice Ann

I am picking it up quite well, Thank you Pam

- Stevie

Knowing that you are there. I basically need someone to walk with me. I do not have that and really need you!. Pam Jones

- Pamela Jones

Good to know about sugar substitute,I will definitely try stivia.

- Cathy

Learning how to make better choices. Planning and preparation definitely will keep me from making bad choices when i let myself get too hungry.

- Joan Calhoun

First of all....I'm so impressed that you are actually doing what you said you would yesterday. You haven't left me to the wolves to flounder on my comes a great big thank you!! And.....Water!! Too simply but brilliant. Thank you again.

- Elizabeth Ruth Wilson (go by Ruth)

Knowing the proper foods to eat and when is very important to me. We have been taught nothing when it comes to fueling our bodies. I will follow this guide and see how I come out.

- Gwen Benson-Walker

Pam thanks for the reminder. I have to face self doubt as well as doubt from friends and family all the time. But I have learned the "ART" of kicking my own butt back in shape. But reinforcement never hurts. Thanks Again!!

- Myrtice Ann Dyer

I was starting to feel demotivated and then I got your email.

- Faaida

I like that compare chart. Very easy to follow.

- Donna London

Good information. I'd like to do the 5 meals a day, but deciding what to eat at each meal is what I really have to become better at.

- Sue Robinson

This was a Wow experience for me because of the promptness and the response to my canceling. I felt like someone really noticed that I was leaving the service. Luna worded the cancellation notice with feeling. I have learned so much under Pam Roth's guidance. I plan to keep on with my eating and exercising goals. Chad gave great motivation with his recipes. All of you are doing a fine job and I recommend you highly.

- Sheryl McAlister

It always helps to see an example instead of trying to create something on your own. Knowing the support is there if i need it is awesome.

- Joan Calhoun

Consice to the point and easy to understand As well as take immediate action

- Suzi Fox

100% profesional, helpfull

- Guy Robinson

Thanks Luna - Although I can't take advantage of the personal coaching at this time, I will continue to access and use the FITera Community Site Many thanks Julia

- Julia Elwell

It's simple bit I didn't really think of eating like that.

- Sarah

Super informative! Thank you!!! I'd love to get your recipe for the dressing and also oatmeal recipes. Thank you so much!

- Elizabeth

Hi Pam, I was having a hard time getting organized to start the plan, so breaking it down like this was very helpful. I tend to think that I have to have everything figured out perfectly or start on a certain day, but I really just need to figure out the basic and get started. Thank you!

- Kelli

Thanks, will definitely try tomorrow! Thanks for comment about slacking, its what happening to me now! Hugs

- Gerrie Perch

Great email hit home with me! Thanks Pam!!

- Cindy Gibson

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and refunding my money. Much appreciated for the excellent customer service. I also left a voice mail message so please disregard.

- Karen Miles

Pam gave me information in her email motivating me. She gave me important elements to get my weight loss started. After reading the email I feel more confident that I'm able to do this!

- Jane Chawansky

I received the fast track to FAT loss jPlanner @ and Meal Guidelines for 3-4-5 Meals a Day Fast Track to Fat loss TOP 5 MEALS, SNACKS & DeSSERTS & TOP 10 STORIES.MEALS & WORKOUTS & FAST TRACKTo FAT LOSS. So I have work to but I look forward to it and know it will be a great help to me.

- Donald Johnson

It's like you're reading my mind. In your first email you answered those things I had on my mind and was going to ask you about. Guess I'll just wait for your next email. I'm really concerned about.the nutrition part of the program. I see from the recipes I'm already eating a lot of what you recommend. My problem is putting it together of a complete nutritious meal and eat it at the proper time. Thank you Coach Pam for a good, comfortable start

- John Stois

The email was so inspiring, the layout of the food groups is a great help and so easy to understand. The idea of preparing food ahead of time and have it ready when one are hungry. Pam thank you for helping

- Kerstin

OK ~ It is so great to have someone who is in touch every day to supply me with some good simple information about what to do next. I really appreciate Pam's messages.

- Sue Bicknell

The encouragement and reassurance from Coach Pam that she would be there and available when needed.

- Joan

I feel a little bit of "information overload" but it was very helpful information!! Thank you Pam and I look forward to this journey!

- Jeannie Otterness

It makes all sense, focusing on the technique of doing a weighlifting exercise than merely the exercise itself. Thanx Pam, highly valued feedback!!!!

- Esther Van der Merwe

Very exciting and purportedly supportive program.

- Bill (Willis) Ragland

Thank you for the gracious refund. I regret that I am unable to continue. Your quick refund shows integrity.

- Beth Elliott

Alex's email was timely and very informative and friendly. This is the kind of person I want to help me.

- Cynthia Williams

Your response was received within an hour of me sending my complaint. Thanks so much for taking the time to do what I asked. You rock!


This explanation of which foods are which and why and when to eat them is just the best explanation that I have ever seen. I have been looking for this kind of clear, simple and thorough instruction for years! THANKS

- Sue Bicknell

Watching the video on nutrition was amazing. The meal charts are great too. I stand all day at work also move around all day. Is this considered active?

- Beverly Gundrum

Thanks so much for a positive and very quick response.

- Theresa A Montani

I really liked the Promise Note, it'll help to keep me motivated ! The tips and strategies will really help especially since you go step by step with to make it easy On thee video==I love the idea with the rubber bands to help remind me that I drank such amount of water or I need to drink this much more depending on how many rubber bands are still on the water bottle. Now I have to go get some rubber bands.

- Jeanie

I love that you are reaching out to me and providing me with encouragement and support!

- Sharon Reisinger

I am way behind, but I always do some fruit and water before I walk the girls in the early morning. That is usually 30-60 minutes before I have my cup of coffee for the day. I am trying to catch up and do the 30 minutes before lunch or dinner too and have seen a difference when I do the hummus (or Tzatziki, thank you) with carrots or celery before dinner. I am sure it will work as it does with 2 of my meals, why not lunch too?

- Sheryl Weitz

You know you're stuff. I'm impressed. You are believable and credible. As a clinician and coach, I've met some great coaches and therapists who haven't "been there," but still make outstanding therapists, but the ones who changed my life the most had credibility. Just my own experience. Looking forward to benefiting from yours. Eager and Anxious

- Vinny B

I love that you are going to put us in a community of like-minded people. We will learn a lot be forever grateful. I have a question. I am not digesting things as quickly as I would like to. Could you recommend something for that. Thank you

- Patty

This makes this a WOW experience for me because Ihave never had someone email me with this type of information or giben me the feeling they really care and there is hope for this journey. Thank you so much!!

- Karen Morgan

Your immediate attention even if it is a template I consider really important for feeling part of an intentional community and that there is a supportive structure to allay feeling overwhelmed and/or lost. Having worked in the area of self improvement over the years, I am impressed and definitely feeling supported!

- Lexa

Good information about muscle and fat and not to get to excited about the weight number on the scale.

- Mary Pacentrilli

Wow is for the simple explanation!

- Alena

Dear Pam ,I think I answered this last night so I will look forward to our next encounter,etc ,and hope for yaay!

- Martha

Thanks,Pam. It all sounds great!!!I just need to get a good "toe hold" on myself and get a good start. Thank you !! Martha

- Martha

Thank you for taking care of my request so quickly. :)

- Victoria Sivak

Thanks for your words of encouragement! You make it seem do-able! My mind is overwhelmed with too much info at one time!!

- Jean Salas

This makes so much sense, esp the part about not counting calories. That is just way too tedious. Also, using the fist/palm/thumb as a good general guide will be a great way to judge the amount of food I put on my plate. WOW!

- Pat Reid

Everything is written out so clear and so easily understandable. It's lovely to see that not everything has changed and that certain things like the nutrition plan, guide, is still the same. I love this nutrition plan as it helps me every step of the way and without it is would struggle immensely. Thank you

- Maria Tayler

Hi Pam I am so pleased with you. You took the time to explain the proper way to lift weights. I not too long ago had surgery on my left shoulder and could have re-injured it lifting the wrong way. Thank you

- Jenise Taylor

This initial welcome email gave me everything I need to get started. I am spending who usually had a LOT of questions, but I didn't have any! That is worth a WOW!

- Linda DiBello

I am printing this one. It's packed with great food tips that I know I will forget if I don't print them. WOW, I am starting to get into this whole health thing. A little at a time. My wifee and I joined a gym, and tho we can't go together due to wacky work hours, I am trying to get into a low impact routine there to just get the cardio up for a 1/2 hour or so and burn off a few calories. I will put all this stuff into play ASAP.

- Pat Reid

Thanks for all the info. It's a lot to go through, but better than not enough.

- Mary Linda Cox


- Martha Adams

Just the fact that I had a message from you, it always pleases me to hear from you with all your tips and facts to get me through these days. I haven't sent you many of these wows but my problem is that my eyes are not the best and it takes me quite awhile to read them on line, so I print them out and then read them. My printer was down and I just got it back the first of this week and I've been printing every since, and reading, and love what I'm reading. I do need help and I will send you an email about that, I just didn't want you to think that I didn't appreciate what you were doing for me. I will send the email by the end of this day! I can't thank you enough.

- Carol Boyle

Great info. I understand. Thanks!

- Joan HICKS

Thank you so much for your assistance. It was quick and there was no "discussing" back and forth as to whether or not this could be done. I truly appreciate your help!

- Edwina

I am really surprised and happy by the response that Pam/Chad has a vested interest in me that quickly!!. I am the one who usually takes care of everything and everybody first and usually alone on these weight lost journey. I feel optimistic with only 1 day in that Pam will be there for my 80 pounds weight loss goal. FYI I drank more water than yesterday! lol

- Nancy Train (The BIG Train want to be LITTLE Train that could !!)

Hi Pam this email came right on time. You are so thorough and precise. I am elated to have you on my side with quick recipes and ideas. Keep it up!!!

- Jenise Taylor

So far, the program seems easy to keep with. I don't feel pressured and like the tips and short videos. Got my water bottle ready with rubber bands. Looking forward to the adventure to a lean core, thinner thighs, and no "fat back!"

- Deb Childs

I love the helpful resources! I have a copy in my office, in the car and at home:)

- Nichole Fett

I am learning something new everyday .... Loving it !!

- Nancy

You keep surprising me every day with awesome information to help me lose the weight and eat healthy forever ! Thank you !

- Nancy

It was very motivating for you to show me 2 success stories. It gave me some insight on how others are planning their day. Thank you !

- Nancy

Love any advice you can give me, it leaves me accountable every day.

- Barbara Muzzey

Thank you, Pam! I really enjoy reading your emails each morning. They are well written and full of truth and encouragement! Thank you! Truly appreciate what you were doing for me and so many others! I truly appreciate what you were doing for me and so many others!

- Roxanne Spradlin

Couldn't download my purchases but the problem was solved with just an email! Thanks so much, Steven!

- Lynn

Instructions are very clear and helpful.

- Glen O. Myers

Thanks for answer about goat cheese!

- Elizabeth Crutchfield

Thank you Alex Once I receive my book I know there would be No reason not to stick with this weight loss plan. It's all spelled out for me. Many thanks to Chad for making this so easy for "lazy" dieters like me. Finally. ..I can't wait to get started

- Jenise Taylor

The timing does make sense. I do eat like Im suppose to for dinner, I guess its the lunches and snacks I wasnt doing right, like protein for snack too. Like you said its so easy to just grab something but I really need to plan ahead, have things cut up and know what it is I will be eating. Thanks

- Barbara Muzzey

Again another great e-mail !! Great information especially the naughty list converted to the healthy list ! Thank you and have a great day !

- Nancy

Awesome response time on my email notification! Super efficient 😁

- Erin

Answered my questions completely and answers were clear and understandable. I was given clear instructions for return of materials if I chose to do so.

- Karen McConaughey

Yes, I needed this. Even though it is basic, it helps me to get in the right frame of mind, like learning from a child how to eat. I knew some good and bad foods, but having a list I can look at is good for me. Confession; I drink a root beer and eat lays kettle chips every day or the last two or three years. This is going to be hard for me to break this habit. Please help me every day. It's areal bad habit.

- Rita Sykes

Thanks for the information to get started! Have a peaceful sleep!

- Rita Sykes

I needed to here I have help and support. Thanks

- Rita Sykes

loved finding out the black beans have so much protein in them

- Judy Johnson

New information for me. Always thought that 3 meals per day was the ideal

- Garth

Thanks for the updates

- Allison Pope

I was very impressed by the swift and very friendly reply I got from Steve... much appreciated! Mandy

- Mandy K

This makes it easier as i make selections while traveling..thanks!

- leslie anne

I got the info. I asked for the same day. Perhaps you do not realize what a rarity that is.


Because I was with the dieticians of Québec« were I was working before Vidéotron was providing for the employes» that wasn't complecated for me but i understand you point of view and explain it very well.Thank you

- Jeannine Bélisle

Thanks, Pam, for giving me the reasons for the combination. I am following your instructions. So far, I've had 2 meals: Meal 1: 2 ortaniques (hybrid of orange and tangerine) Grapes sprinkled with hemp protein powder, and almonds Meal 2: Yam, pumpkin, sardines For meal 3 I shall have yam, pumpkin, and skinned and deboned chicken breast prepared in coconut milk For meals 4 and 5 I shall have veggies and a protein which may be chicken, cod fish, or tuna. Thanks!!! Jean

- jean beverly Lee

Just providing the right information and then homework thats about making me a better me, and you actually coaching me threw it, just wow I might be successful here.

- rhonda whited

The explanation of types of carbs was straight to the point and made sense even though before I thought a carb was a carb was a carb!

- Theresa Diane Averbeck

I appreciate the speed my inquiry was handled. Everything was taken care of swiftly and accurately, no questions asked. Thank you

- Kimberly Weaver

Thanks Steve now if I could stop getting emails from Chad tackett that would be great let me know if you can help,I have responded to him with two emails of my own but have not received one back canceling my intent to not participate in his program.Thanks Robert.

- Robert Vidi

Its so helpful to have a reminder to stay focused or that you can get back on track even if you have strayed from your plan! Happy Thanksgiving!!

- Laine Anastasia

I did not know it would be good to have fibrous carbs later in the day. Is brown rice not a good carb?

- Charles

Made everything so simple and easy to understand. Definitely clear as to the what, when and why!

- Carol Brimacomb

I was looking forward to your report yesterday when you said you were going to tell us about the right kind of carbs & those to avoid & explaining the difference between them.

- Georgina Eade

v informative & helpful, thnks pam

- craig watts

Thanks for being so prompt in answering my email!!! Have a terrific Christmas and New Year Holiday Season. Thanks, again. Sandra

- Sandra P Hildreth


- Cynthia

OMG, Kim this info is so understandable even I can do this. Thank you

- Jenise Taylor

Just your promise of availability and energy and definitely helps you've been through this , will definitely help with my crazy schedule!!! Looking forward to knocking this out of the park !!!! And be the true example of empowerment to people around , nut much more important to myself and my beautiful twin daughters ❤


I appreciate your quick response back. Great customer service.

- Diane

Your immediate attention to my request is impressive and greatly appreciated.

- Melanie Simshauser

Thank you for your attentive professional and courteous response to my request for a duplicate order be rescinded. God bless you and the work of your hands. Ginny Ha;e

- Ginny Hale

Well, I was fooling around on goals, meals, exercise info on the website when it occurred to me that I might have a message from Pam. Sure enough, Pam was very convincing and sincere in her intro for coaching and I am glad that she is in my corner. Just finding out that I don't have to plan a bunch of meals on my own gave me confidence that perhaps this program can really help me, with Pam's help. I am looking forward to hearing about the next step forward from Pam tomorrow! Thanks!

- Sue Bicknell

Thank you Pam for making this so easy to understand. I GET IT!!!

- Jenise Taylor

I like to be with expiriensed coach who tried this method for herself and are sure that it works. I was a military officer and had the test every year in Autumn. Now I am retired and work in my house. I triy to be fit and healthy for my sports: sailing and skiing and walk in the forest. To have always a good form like I used to.

- Peter

I appreciate all the comments as they are helpful and it keeps me aware of what I need to do every day.

- Mary Pacentrilli

This seems to be a hopeful system.

- Rick Buchanan

The training and program are well thought out and progress in a step by step manner; insuring that you get an understanding of each step before moving on to the next. They seam to be clear and concise and easy to understand. The team and my personal coach insures me that I'll make progress and answer any questions that come up along the way. This is reassuring and gives me the confidence that I'll be able to do this. Thanks for all the thought that was put into this program, so it will be alot easier than any other diet/workout programs that I've tried in the past to have proven satisfactory results.

- Chris Strege

I feel that the suggestions that you provided are great. Now, it is just a matter of getting various meals prepped for the week ahead.

- Beverly Graham

By the way that it is great to get this first Package nearly without cost, I appreciate the good guided software with the clear explanations. Where I'm still a bit frustrated is I kind of explanation abou: How the switch ON gene and switch OFF gene to loss fat works⁉😩😝 Also we got the Promise for the Study Project that by registering in, we will not have the usual Dietary Rules like choosing and buying the right foot will fall away? No cooking of special foods will be needed ⁉ And what I have is exactly that what I have to do. Ok you give the proposals 4 the food I need, but this I first have to search and to find the right Shops. Also are there some products in English which I cannot translate in German. Also I have to cook the right meals means, I have to do the same as by other Dietateries which give me also the needed informations and promises ‼ 🤔😊 WHERE IS NOW THE DIFFERENCE?' Thanks for your Feedback Pamela! Thank you 4 your feedback

- Fritz Herren

Thanks Pam, That helped a lot on the meals. I'll work on the snack between lunch and dinner. We just eat around 6:00pm. I problem is I like sweets around 8:00 pm and thats my bad time.

- Kimberley Packard

Thanks for letting me know I can still access your

- Jean Lee

Thank you!

- Chrissy (Christine) Petrini

The fact that scrambled eggs or salmon combine both the protein and fat for that meal was very good information.

- Karen B. Tanksley

Great Information!

- Mary Pacentrilli

I feel your sincerity and motivation which is what is missing in my life. Thank you for jumping right in there with communications as I was not expecting to hear from anyone at least for 24 hours.

- Kimberly Brown

Good information about why the food is the most important aspect of my upcoming weight loss success. Great tips about getting the right amount of water daily. Thank you :)


It's different then most diet advice around! It's mostly the same old stuff and cocktails are usually never mentioned. Unfortunatly I'm not really losing weight!

- Barbara

The way you explained it help me understand more so thank you.

- Kimberley Packard

Learned something new today!

- Kimberley Packard

I've experienced what you describe. The clothes fit test is really a good one.

- David Schenker

thanks very much for your help

- doloresosullivan

Pam , your info. was very clear and straightforward. Thanks for the inspiration.

- Susan Orrell

Right now, to wow me is done by keeping it simple; slow to start, to do some of the reading and work into the right mind-set

- Jamey Edwards

I guess I went ahead in the program I read to pg. 58. I will be watching my grandchildren tomorrow. I won't get to start ex. videos till weekend. I already belong to the gym which I try to use 4x;s a week. The diet was my main problem. I need to control my cravings. Yesterday went well; no night time snacking. So far things are great. Thank you for this opportunity. Susan

- Susan Orrell

Thanks for explaining what and when to eat.

- Margaret Harrell

The directions and tips are really good and it's making a difference in my quest to weight loss.

- Gifty Ankomah


1). Drink 90 oz of water 2). 30 min of workout 3). Don't let work stress me out 4). Eating all of my meals and no changes, working late until 10:00 pm 5). Be happy for what I have and smile through out the day.

- Kimberley Packard

Really good info in the right time

- Judith Morrain Webb

thanks for the list I can carry with me to help me keep on track. Thanks

- Helene Pooler

Hi Pam, I went online an printed off the planner for 5 meals a day, also printed the recommended food list. That seems to work for me. I have lost 5 pounds so far. My problem is getting down on the floor to do some of the exercises and getting back up.

- Alice Sombric

Being in my state of mind, of seeming like I'm not losing any pounds that one I lose a few pounds and the next day I gain a few pounds. So the thought about focusing on me sounds like a great idea! Thanks

- Margaret Harrell

Thanks Steven, for your prompt, courteous & understanding reply! Regardless whether I had ordered the same thing 2-years ago and totally forgot about it until now (odd as that may seem), it's delightful you didn't reduce either of our human being-ness. I'm Grateful for your understanding & positive response. Monika Weiss

- Monika Weiss

Your response is very quick

- Janet Wright

WOW Pam. I have no idea what took me so long to do the exercises. Even though I had surgery on my left shoulder last year, have a bad back, and knees these were easy for me to do. The easy ones were great.AND 250 pts. to boot!!!

- Jenise Taylor

Super excited to get started. I did this because I know I need the accountability. You put everything in order and make it sound doable with your help.

- Vickie Westbrooks

carbs always confused me but you broke it down in simple terms and it was very helpful. Thank you

- Kristy

That's information I have never been told before.

- Debbie Philliber

Very nice and made return easy

- Kristel hammerquist

Will do!

- Kimberley Packard

The information is helpful. I think most of the information is on the website but it's good to read again. Your interest in my doing well is encouraging too

- Judy Wilfong

I appreciate that you allowed my cancellation without trying to talk mw out of it or make me feel bad. You just did it in a very polite and kind way. Thank you!

- Deb Petrisson

Your introduction was great and inspiring. Looking forward on my first day.

- Mar

Cravings are definitely a concern. All of your advice so far has been timely and useful. I am still trying to get into a routine that allows me to use all of your excellent advice.Taking longer than I wanted, but I am not giving up! I gave myself a month of your coaching to get my act together. I have about 2 weeks left, so I have to find a way to get the program implemented. I don't get food bored too easily, so if I can get some meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I can replicate those and have them ready when time does not permit me to get creative. Thanks for all your help so far. Let's make the next two weeks count!

- Allan Dyer

Great info .

- Mar

Thank you I'll start working harder

- Kimberley Packard

As a matter of fact yes! I always appreciate the new information Pamela gives and always follow it! It has been exceptionally helpful and gives me a sense of security knowing she is always at hand to answer any questions or give support when needed. Thanks so much!

- Pamela Akins

I love Fitera. Excellent info that has and is still helping me. My financial situation does allow for anymore purchases, but I appreciate what I have received so far. I appreciate the quick response to my inquiry.

- Merry Hallam

I appreciated when to eat starchy and simple carbs...that made sense!

- Brenda Michaels

A full refund was issued quickly one day after I requested it.

- John Zimmerman

I appreciate your emails. I also need help with main dishes. I eat a lot of chicken. I try to stay away from red meat.

- Mary Cunningham

Request completed quickly. When I explained my situation I didn't feel pressured at all. Thanks!

- Susan

I enjoy receiving these tips...I'm learning and improving!

- LuAnn

In the video your sincerity and confidence shine through and I feel very welcomed to the program. Your are inspirational and encouraging and although I can be shy I wouldn't hesitate to reach out for help or answers to questions based on your interest and your genuineness.

- Judy Cardenas

Hi Pam, I'm WOWed at the hard to believe offer that you and Tad are giving me. I never thought even in my dreams that I could take part in such a generous and caring program as a gift. WOW thank you

- Jane

I had duplicated an order by mistake and Steven took care of it right away. I was amazed. I haven't seen the refund yet but he said it could take a few days.

- Maggie Boehl

I'm not usually hungry in the morning. It seems once I eat breakfast I'm hungry all day unless I can keep myself busy. That I have a hard time doing. I've been depressed since loosing my job. Then when I found something I got hurt my first day, now I'm dealing with that situation. I know it's putting the weight on.

- Robin Bumpass

Very informative and a great way to plan and eat every day.

- Guadalupe

Thanks for helping a silly senior.

- Diane gatland